Thursday, October 1, 2015

Start painting

Gotta hurry to get ready for a show. A little out of practice so here goes. How about mixed,  watercolor,  blue gesso and acrylic pens.
 Or maybe this little 8x10 fish pond
 Or maybe kou and kapa

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More to come from the Windward Wanderers

The Windward Wanderers show is up at Ho`omaluhia Park.  Come join us for our opening reception on Sunday, Feb. 8 from 4-6 pm.

 Suspense, Watercolor  11x14  $250
 Red Palm, Watercolor  8x10  , $175
 Kualoa Calm, Watercolor 11x14,  $250
Hamakua Kou, Watercolor 11x14,  $250  

Gallery on the Pali- The show continues

Thank you to everyone who came to the reception on January 17.  It was a fun evening visiting, talking story and sharing our ideas behind our paintings.  

Here are some of the originals watercolors still on display at the Gallery until Feb. 13 :  

Wahine Ho`opa`a.  Watercolor 11x14, $350.  She has learned the mele, hula and oli, and leads us well.
 Kanaloa Sunset.  Watercolor 8x10, $200.  Traveled across the ocean, the banana stands strong and fruitful.
June 19 sent to HWS Open Show to be juried by Nicholas Simmons.  Hoomaikai.
 Lauahi Pele (i kai o Puna). Watercolor , Framed 15x22, $600 .  She continues tends her fire, sending it onward towards the sea.   8x10 copies available for $40. 5x7 for $25
June 19 sent to HWS Open Show to be juried by Nicholas Simmons.  Hula Pahu.  Watercolor, Framed $350. Traditional steps done to the beat of the pahu preserve the ancient ceremonial dance. (Pending sale)  8x10 copies available for $40.
 Ipu o Lono. 11x14 Watercolor, Framed $350.  Throughout the makahiki, the gourd carries precious water, food, as well as wisdom and pure thoughts.
 Feel the Warmth.  8x10 Watercolor,Framed  $200.  A long search leads to a home for her fire at Kilauea.
Look for the Makali`i.  11x14, Watercolor, Framed $350.  8x10 color prints, $40;   5x7  $25.
 Even though the Hokule`a  and Hikianalia . left Oahu at sunset last year, I can't help but think of the journey ahead and the reliance on the stars to chart the path.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hula Pahu, reimagined.

Undercurrents of Tradition

The show is up and Rebecca, Rochelle and I are anxious to see our friends to share our work, along with some nice refreshments, with our friends.  Can't wait to see you all this Saturday.   

June 19 sent to HWS Open Show to be juried by Nicholas Simmons.