Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More to come from the Windward Wanderers

The Windward Wanderers show is up at Ho`omaluhia Park.  Come join us for our opening reception on Sunday, Feb. 8 from 4-6 pm.

 Suspense, Watercolor  11x14  $250
 Red Palm, Watercolor  8x10  , $175
 Kualoa Calm, Watercolor 11x14,  $250
Hamakua Kou, Watercolor 11x14,  $250  

Gallery on the Pali- The show continues

Thank you to everyone who came to the reception on January 17.  It was a fun evening visiting, talking story and sharing our ideas behind our paintings.  

Here are some of the originals watercolors still on display at the Gallery until Feb. 13 :  

Wahine Ho`opa`a.  Watercolor 11x14, $350.  She has learned the mele, hula and oli, and leads us well.
 Kanaloa Sunset.  Watercolor 8x10, $200.  Traveled across the ocean, the banana stands strong and fruitful.
June 19 sent to HWS Open Show to be juried by Nicholas Simmons.  Hoomaikai.
 Lauahi Pele (i kai o Puna). Watercolor , Framed 15x22, $600 .  She continues tends her fire, sending it onward towards the sea.   8x10 copies available for $40. 5x7 for $25
June 19 sent to HWS Open Show to be juried by Nicholas Simmons.  Hula Pahu.  Watercolor, Framed $350. Traditional steps done to the beat of the pahu preserve the ancient ceremonial dance. (Pending sale)  8x10 copies available for $40.
 Ipu o Lono. 11x14 Watercolor, Framed $350.  Throughout the makahiki, the gourd carries precious water, food, as well as wisdom and pure thoughts.
 Feel the Warmth.  8x10 Watercolor,Framed  $200.  A long search leads to a home for her fire at Kilauea.
Look for the Makali`i.  11x14, Watercolor, Framed $350.  8x10 color prints, $40;   5x7  $25.
 Even though the Hokule`a  and Hikianalia . left Oahu at sunset last year, I can't help but think of the journey ahead and the reliance on the stars to chart the path.