Thursday, August 13, 2009

Planning ahead

I love a photo we took with John and Sally in Barcelona along Las Ramblas. I keep trying to draw and paint it and think I'll use it as my first painting in my upcoming class. Eventually I'm sure it will be great. (That's what drawing and painting lessons are for , right?) When I finish my drawing class John (in the red hat) and Jerry( in blue shirt) will look great. So will the girl walking with her hands at her sides! Or I could just keep the flowers and cut everything else out?

Practicing washes

After reading about washes again, I redid my plein air painting by starting with a wash of cobalt blue from the top and new gamboge from the bottom. It's so light and didn't really show clouds I saw that day, but it's good practice. Also practiced dark tolight washes on the mountains. What do you think?